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Morgan County School:

(2014)14,500 S.F.; Project was a “summer job” for Morgan County

School system. Design was began on March 25, 2014 with construction

completed by July 25, 2015. Project was added to a construction

manager’s scope of work late in their contract due to left over funds from

an ongoing campus renovation. The existing system was through the wall

console air conditioners. The main challenge in this project was the

owner’s instruction that they did not want wall hung units, variable

refrigerant system, dedicated outside air unit or chilled water system.

The second challenge was that there was no indoor space for units. The

third challenge was the roof was sloped and recently replaced. Our

design replaced the entire HVAC system with an innovative approach to

reduce outside air, meet outdoor air codes, meet Owner’s request and

stay in budget.

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